Trade Secret

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Trade Secret shall mean any Information that is not known to the public in the field of technology and/or business, which contains economic value as it is useful in business activities and its confidentiality is carefully maintained of by the owner of such Trade Secret.

Coverage of trade secret:
The coverage of protection of trade secret consist of production method, manufacturing method, selling method, or any other information in the field of technology and /or business, having economical value and does not commonly known to the public.

Trade secret shall obtain protection if the information is confidential in nature, contains economic value, and its confidentiality is preserved through appropriate efforts. The information considered confidential if it is only known certain parties or not known to the public.

The information considered to have economic value if the nature of confidentiality of such information can be used to conduct commercial-oriented activities or business, or may increase economic profit. The confidentiality of information considered as maintained if the owner or parties in control have implemented the appropriate and proper measures.