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Copyright Protected

  • Books,computer programs (software), pamphlets, typographical arrangement of a published work and all other written works.
  • Lectures, Lecture, Speech, and other similar creatures with it.
  • Props are made for the benefit of education and science.
  • Songs or music with or without text.
  • Dramatic or musical drama, dance, choreography, puppetry and pantomime.
  • Fine art in all forms such as painting, drawing, sculpture, calligraphy, sculpture, sculpture, collage and applied arts
  • Architecture
  • Map
  • Batik Art
  • Photography
  • Cinematography
  • Translations, interpretations, adaptations, anthologies, databases and other works of the transferor embodiment.

Protection Periods

Creation Books, Lectures, props, songs, drama, dance, fine arts, architecture, maps, batik art, translations interpretations, adaptations apply during the life of author plus 50 years after creators death.

Creation computer program (software), cinematography, sound recording, work performance, work release is valid for 50 years since the first time in announcing.

Creation of Photography, valid for 25 years since it was first announced and the creation of the work arrangement typographical arrangement of a published work, valid for 25 years since it was first published.

Creation is owned or held by legal entities, valid for 50 years since it was first announced.

To copyright in the form of photography and composition of the typographical arrangement of a published and held by a legal entity shall be valid for 25 years.